The Early Days

Hello and welcome to the shiny new website. It’s been a few months since creating the site and it’s probably about time I put some digital pen to paper and scribbled out the first ‘blog’ if that’s what this is to be called. First things first if you’ve made it this far you must have some clue how to get about the site, but just in case you’re wondering what’s going on the general gist is you’ll find your way around along the top there, you know up there towards the corner in the right. ‘Goings On’ will be the place to look to get regular-ish updates of my general goings on, and I suppose the rest is self-explanatory each title taking you to trip specifics of how stuff happen, or if someone planning a trip themselves stumbles across this site there might be a scrap of useful information hidden among the ramblings.

As for me where am I? Well right now it’s 3 am on a February morning and I’m sat in an office in Aberdeen working……….. kind of…………but mostly planning and trying to keep my head under control as it becomes a maelstrom of things to do, kit to buy, visas to sort, house to lease and vehicles to sell. You might say my enthusiasm for oil and all things drilling has diminished of late.

The bike is shaping up nicely and the seemingly endless stream of replacement or spare parts ordered from eBay is slowly diminishing, much to the joy of my neighbors who although retired probably feel like they’re working in my personal postal depot. There’s a full list of all the changes up the top under bike. The luggage rack is en route on the slow boat from Canada as we type and should be waiting when I arrive home in 3 weeks, exciting stuff as it’ll be the crowning of the bike and once the bags are on the final tick on what months before seemed a never ending list of mods and changes, the coronation will just so happens to coincide with the end of my 2 months on the wagon, time to get off and celebrate!

The ball has just started rolling for the Pakistan visa, which will be a lesson in patience and paper work but all good practice for the off. Carnet de Passage is all filled and quote received, turns out they just accepted my valuation of the bike, if I’d of know that before I’d of been more resourceful with the value.

Anyway that’s enough for now, you lot are just baying for the juicy stuff to start in a few months, crashes, explosions and runs to the boarder, mum if you’re reading this think of it more as a work of fiction than a factual account. I’m off to get a coffee.









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