Hello Again

Hello again. These typing fingers are a little rusty, in fact I think I can hear the joints creaking as I type, it’s been that long since writing a blog. A lot has happened since abruptly leaving you somewhere in the depths of Laos. When I deserted you last time I mentioned that there were a […]

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Flying Again, Without The Ravens

The bike is fixed. Hooray. Leaving Don Det, where I’d planned a route through Laos, the bike stated leaking rainbow water. With the route being remote and the puddle behind the bike getting worse my initial backup plan to make 400 miles to Vientiane was scuppered, the only option was to divert into Thailand where […]

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The Hiatus

Between Turkey and Thailand roads are generally bad and shops are small, you ride where you want and how you need, and buy what you can and not what you need.  Stood on Christmas eve in Tesco Lotus amongst the endless aisles of foods I hadn’t seen in months choosing ingredients to make tomorrows dinner, […]

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