Land of the Midnight Sun

Many, many months and miles ago after leaving France I posted a blog update asking who knew France was so big. Well, after spending the best part of the last three months riding north through Canada, into Alaska, crossing into the Arctic Circle twice and then back south across Canada, my perception of scale has […]

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Hello Again

Hello again. These typing fingers are a little rusty, in fact I think I can hear the joints creaking as I type, it’s been that long since writing a blog. A lot has happened since abruptly leaving you somewhere in the depths of Laos. When I deserted you last time I mentioned that there were a […]

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Flying Again, Without The Ravens

The bike is fixed. Hooray. Leaving Don Det, where I’d planned a route through Laos, the bike stated leaking rainbow water. With the route being remote and the puddle behind the bike getting worse my initial backup plan to make 400 miles to Vientiane was scuppered, the only option was to divert into Thailand where […]

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The Hiatus

Between Turkey and Thailand roads are generally bad and shops are small, you ride where you want and how you need, and buy what you can and not what you need.  Stood on Christmas eve in Tesco Lotus amongst the endless aisles of foods I hadn’t seen in months choosing ingredients to make tomorrows dinner, […]

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Times They Are A Changin’

Myanmar is the other country on this journey which like China requires a guide for foreign vehicles, but really that’s where the similarity ends. It’s a country on the cusp of radical change from military junta to democracy and the requirement of an organised tour is an effect of this transition. For the last 40 […]

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Faces Of The Seven Sisters

Swinging gently in a hammock watching the Mekong roll towards Cambodia as I write this the two weeks back in November riding through the north east states of India seems a far removed distant memory, not only by time but degrees of change. The ease of travelling and hordes of tourists that South East Asia […]

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Tea And Troubles

Crossing back into India things began to change, this was West Bengal, somewhere I’d been before, somewhere I knew I liked and somewhere I hadn’t planned on spending much time. But for the first time this trip the bike was making the decisions, the battery was continuing to run down and at the cross roads […]

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