Land of the Midnight Sun

Many, many months and miles ago after leaving France I posted a blog update asking who knew France was so big. Well, after spending the best part of the last three months riding north through Canada, into Alaska, crossing into the Arctic Circle twice and then back south across Canada, my perception of scale has been recalibrated. Since leaving Vancouver in May I’ve covered 9,000 miles, in that time I’ve crossed just one county and one US state, albeit both twice, once you hit the Arctic ocean there really isn’t anywhere else to go but back down south. Riding the same distance from Scarborough I’d reached Kyrgyzstan, put 23 countries behind me, crossed Europe and was looking out across Afghanistan and the towering peaks of China and Pakistan in the background. France is tiny, Canada and Alaska are fricking massive, and I’m glad I got a comfier seat made in Thailand.

The land of the midnight sun is a sea of wilderness peppered with the odd town, usually with its roots planted in gold or oil and populated by odd people – that’s not true, only a small percentage are odd, and only a smaller percentage carry guns, most of them are amazingly friendly. Seemingly endless miles of spruce trees or tundra where you can stop bike and only the occasional truck, moose or bear breaks the spell of isolation, where you can stand on a hill top and see the curvature of the earth, where you can look across forests where people have probably never been, and where you can do this at any hour of the day, because this far north the sun never sets.

All that daylight gave me plenty of chance to take some pictures, so here you go, where I’ve been for the last 3 months.

I’ll try updating the website more frequently in future, but I expect it’s going to be mostly photos as I find the writing part more of a chore than a joy, and if I can’t find enjoyment in the writing there’s little chance you’ll find any in the reading.

North into the Yukon



The Dempster Highway




Dalton Highway


Back Down South


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