Nepal And Nowhere To Go

Apologies for the absence and lack of posts, since Kathmandu there’s been a lot of riding to make it to Thailand for Christmas and visits from family. Hopefully now there’s some beach time coming up it’ll give chance to catch up. So without further ado. The tyres were on route to Kathmandu and the desire […]

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Spiti And The Flats

Entering India I was without a plan, slightly earlier than anticipated and just a rough date to reach Myanmar by early December. That meant there was around 10 weeks with no idea of where to go. After a couple of days in Amritsar with Frank and Petra, them describing how Spiti valley is one of […]

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Taboo Country

This one’s been a long time coming, with the lack of internet in the mountains and the chaos of the low lands but most of all because I’ve been pondering how to do Pakistan justice. A country misrepresented and misunderstood by the west, most I expect see it as a land of terrorists, bombings and […]

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Over The Wall

China has always been a tough country to enter, they built a great wall to keep people out. For those with their own motor vehicles it’s no easier now than it was for travelers of the past. With the exception of a few rare cases, getting t’other side of the wall unaided with a foreign motorbike […]

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Yaks And Yurts

Surrounded on nearly all sides by almost impenetrable mountains and further from the sea than any other individual country, Kyrgyzstan has maintained it culture and unspoiled wilderness unlike anywhere I’ve ever visited. As much as the Soviets tried to urbanise them the Kyrgyz at heart remained nomadic farmers, with the breakup of the union many have […]

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Roof Of The World

When I first started planning this trip months and years ago Tajikistan was top of the list, a must see highlight. Most people have never heard of it and admittedly I’d of struggled to place it on a map. But sporting the high altitude Pamir Highway, the Wakhan valley which skirts the border of Afghanistan, and lesser […]

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